I found this recipe online and was skeptical but it turned out to be very good. We had it on the side of a chicken stir fry.

To make two you will need:

4 lasagne sheets

Stir fry vegetables

Soy sauce


In a large frying pan boil enough water add a dash of salt. Put the lasagne sheets (depending on size of frying pan, I used a large pan and maximum of 4 sheets at one time) into water and let boil for 5mins.

In another frying pan, spray with fry light, fry vegetables and add soy sauce keep stirring it around until veg softened.

Line a baking tray and place one lasagne sheet on it, spoon in the vegetables keeping away from the Edge. Put another lasagne sheet on top and press together around edges if it doesn’t stick whisk up a egg, dip your finger into egg and wipe over the edges on bottom lasagne sheet then press together. Repeat for second spring roll.

Spray with fry light and pop into a pre heated oven ( mine was on max) for 15-20 minutes or until late crispy!