Chicken, veg and rice dish.


So simple and syn free!

2 chicken breasts

1/2 courgette

1 carrot

1/2 red pepper

1/2 orange pepper

1 red onion

enough rice for two people.

1 knorr chicken stock pot

Loosely wrap chicken in a foil parcel pop into oven for about 25 mins. Meanwhile boil rice, in another saucepan boil carrots, courgette and peppers for about 10 mins till soft.

When rice and chicken are ready, fry onion and boiled veg for few mins add the rice, chicken and keep stirring. Mix 150ml boiling water with stock cube when dissolved pour over rice and simmer for 5 mins!


Lemon muffins 1.5syns each


So I really fancied a sweet fluffy cake. But doing the slimming world diet doesn’t offer you too much choice for cake. I had a look online at different cake ideas and decided create my own. So here is my recipe for a sweet fluffy lemon muffin and at just over 1.5 syns each. ENJOY!

You will need:

50g self raising flour (8syns)

2 small eggs

1/2 tub of vanilla quark (normal will do)

20g sweetener

Rind and juice of a lemon(use as much as you like)

Just put everything in a bowl whisk into a smooth batter pour into your muffin cases I made 5 but it’s completely up to you. Pop into the oven for about 15mins at 180c.